Blogs & Websites

World Squash: The official website of the World Squash Federation (WSF), which is the global governing body for the sport of squash. Here you can find a multitude of information including events, rules, regulations, specifications, etc. of the game of squash.

The Squash Site: An amazing site for all squash fans

PSA World Tour: The official website for the PSA World Tour & SquashTV. Here you can find recent news and information regarding past, present and future tournaments, rankings, etc. Access to SquashTV is also provided here

World Squash Library: A very impressive site for anybody looking for information about the history of squash, including historical information about players, events, courts, equipment, and rules.

Squash Mad: A nice blog/website dedicated to providing squash news, commentary, and interviews from the front line. They also write interesting articles on various squash topics.

Squash Info: An absolutely fantastic and regularly updated website with a large database of match results, ranking, and player profiles and match history. Limited access is provided free of charge, and full access is available through a subscription service.

Global Squash Coach: A resource for squash coaches and athletes who want to evolve their understanding of squash. It provides the latest scientific literature, blog posts and information on various coaching services.

Cross Court Analytics: Cross Court Analytics is a company dedicated to advancing the sport of squash through the use of data analytics.

World Squash Day: The main objective of this global squash celebration is to raise awareness of the sport of squash and to encourage a greater number of participants to recognize the importance of the sport.

The Squash Pod: A fantastic and fun blog, where the bloggers interview players (current and past), fans, and referees, helping to spread general knowledge of squash and inform already existing fans.

Squash Life: A nice and fun blog on lots of topics in squash. The blog includes clips and comedy sketches as well as many topics you will not find elsewhere.

Serious Squash: a very nice and fun squash blog on all matters squash with over 200 articles. The bogs often provide in-dept insight into the inner working of the squash world

Squash World: A highly interactive squash forum on Facebook which always stimulates discussion regarding various squash topics.

SquashSkills: a website “created with the goal of giving everyone access to high level squash coaching, regardless of their standard or geographic location”. A great resource for any squash player, coach, or fan.

Squash Source: a blog “providing squash gear reviews, squash equipment news, and general information about the great sport of squash”.