A Graphical History of the PSA Number 1 (1975 – 2020)

In recent months there has been a lack of new squash tournaments due to the world wide restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has caused many people to revisit older squash matches both from this generation and previous generations of squash players. In this article we explore the previous number one players, how long they maintained their number one ranking, which countries produced the most number 1 players and over which time periods.

Height & Weight Variation of Professional Squash Players

Squash is a highly demanding sport which requires a variety of physical attributes in order to play at a professional level. Amongst others, it requires physical strength, flexibility, quick reactions, stamina, and fitness. However, squash is not a sport whereby possession of a particular physiological trait, such as height, allows you to dominate over all others. In this article we look at two specific physiological traits, namely the height and weight of players.

PSA Rank Variation in the Top 10 Ranks for Season 2018-2019

The PSA Top 10 ranking always draws the most attention. It lists the players that at the top of their game. This blogs explores the ranking variation of the top 10 players in the 2018 – 2019 Season. it first explores how the top top of the aforementioned season got there by providing a ranking history through time. The blog then goes on to discover who increase in ranking, who decreased, who retired, etc.